Frequently Asked Questions



What is the shelf life of your products and what’s the best way to keep them fresh?

Due to our clean ingredient label, our products have a 3 day shelf life at ambient temperature. Make sure they are fully cool before packaging and encourage customers to “reheat before serving” for the best possible experience.  

My biscuits aren’t rising as they should, what should I do?

Make sure your biscuits did not suffer a freeze thaw cycle, our baking powder is sensitive and will not perform well if product thaws and is refrozen. If product is gray looking please discontinue use. 

Is it ok to thaw biscuits before baking to reduce bake time?

Yes, but we have found that you see optimal rise in a freezer to oven bake.  Also, make sure to shorten your bake time if you choose to thaw first.

Can I thaw and roll out my biscuit dough to create other shapes or to fill like a pocket?

Sure! Just be aware that biscuit dough gets sticky when thawed, make sure to lightly flour your rolling pin or surface.   

I want to make smaller Cinnamon Rolls, what should I do?

Break out and snap apart Cinnamon Roll pucks onto a pan and allow to thaw for 15 minutes. Then cut them in half horizontally and cut your bake time to 17 minutes.

Can I bake your products at 350 degrees instead of 325 degrees?

Yes, its ok to bake our products at higher temps like 350. Just please make sure to adjust bake times and check the centers for doughiness before pulling.

I just love your biscuits and would like to eat them at home; which retailers carry them?

We are happy to give hints on who is baking our products, please reach out to Customer Service so we can point you in the right direction. If you’d like to learn more about Robinhood Meetinghouse frozen products that can be purchased at the grocery store and baked at home, please head over to our sister site!

Do your products contain GMO's? Are your products non-GMO certified?

Our products do not contain GMO's and we avoid GMO risk ingredients whenever possible. We do not hold a certification for our products. When we do need to use a risk ingredient, we make sure that the supplier has either had the ingredient non-GMO certified or has had it tested to make sure GMO’s are not present.  We designate these ingredients with an asterisk in our ingredient labels.  

Should I be using an egg or milk wash before I bake your products?

When baking Pie Bites and Galettes, we highly recommend using an egg wash and sprinkling the crust with sanding sugar. We recommend icing scones with a clear, glaze style icing after baking.  We think biscuits hold their own without a wash.

Do your biscuits dry out if they are held in a warmer? Or on a brunch buffet or a hot bar?

No, if the cover is left off the hotel pan or chafing dish the biscuits will stay moist and taste fresh for several hours. We recommend serving them warm next to sausage, eggs, and gravy.


Got more questions? Contact us or call the Bakery hotline: 864-650-1634