Tips for Success


Need inspiration? We’ve got you covered! Here you’ll find creative ideas to serve up our products in a way that will connect with your customers.





  • Create Shortcake Biscuits by brushing Cream Cheese or Buttermilk Biscuits dough with milk and sprinkling with sanding sugar before baking, then merchandise with berries for summer shortcakes.

  • Merchandise biscuits near rotisserie chicken as a grab-and-go-meal solution.

  • Biscuits merchandise well in cello cookie bags; stacking them upward shows off their many laters and homemade look.

  • Encourage customers to serve biscuits warm by adding a “reheat before serving" label.

  • Try topping biscuit dough with almonds, struesel or cheese before baking for a customized look and taste.


  • Our biscuits perform well when re-heated a second time. Bake early, then quickly reheat to serve or keep warm on a hot bar or in a chafing dish. Just keep the lid off!

  • On hot bars biscuits pair well with a variety of breakfast offerings, soups, stews and chilis, BBQ, chicken or any homestyle dishes

  • Serve a warm basket of biscuits with compound butters and local honeys and jams

  • Consider a “Biscuit Bar” with a choice of gravies and savory toppings or a Shortcake Bar with various fresh fruits and chocolate and vanilla whipped cream

  • Biscuits can be cut into “Mini Biscuits” by thawing dough pucks for about 10 minutes and then cutting into eighths. Top with sausage and mustard, strawberries and cream or even a crab salad

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  • Drizzle icing on baked scones to create a custom look: donut style icing for a clear glaze or white icing for an eye-catching appeal in packaging.

  • How to make your own simple icing: Whisk 2 cups of confectioners’ sugar, ½ cup of milk and 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract in a bowl until all lumps disappear. A mixer is recommended. Maintain ratio for larger batches. Icing is shelf stable and will apply easily in a foodservice squeeze bottle.

  • Try topping scone dough with crushed nuts, sanding sugar, or an egg or cream wash before baking for a distinctive look.

  • For larger “rustic looking” scones: completely thaw 4 oz sweet biscuits on a sprayed, parchment lined tray. Then press firmly down and outward with your fingers four times to spread out the dough. Egg wash and sprinkle with sanding sugar before baking.

  • Roll scone dough in cinnamon and sugar to create a new flavor.

  • Encourage customers to serve warm by adding a “Reheat before serving” label.





  • Showcase the seasons with a featured new Galette flavor on your pie table! We have fresh spring and summer combinations highlighting seasonal fruit and several variations of holiday classics to complement your set.

  • Brush Galettes with egg wash and top crust with sanding sugar or turbinado sugar.

  • Package in a 9” square pie box with a clear top, 3-day ambient shelf life.

  • Use a large spatula to move a cooled galette from the pan to its package to prevent breakage.




Pie Bites

  • Brush Pie Bites with egg wash and top crust with sanding sugar or turbinado sugar.

  • Merchandise on the pie table in tall, thin containers to create height & visual interest among the flat pie boxes and containers.

  • Merchandise by the each inside the bakery case and let customers create their own mix-and-match Pie Bite box. Great way to offer a quick snack item too!




Cinnamon Rolls

  • To make smaller Cinnamon Rolls (2 oz) thaw cinnamon rolls pucks for 15 – 20 minutes on a parchment lined sheet tray, then cut in half horizontally. You will need to use your included Vanilla Icing a bit more sparingly to ice twice as many rolls. Case will now yield 96 rolls.

  • For Cinnamon Rolls with crispy edges bake 2 inches apart on a sheet pan, for a cakier style bake close together or directly in your merchandising pan. Cinnamon Rolls will form to whatever container you choose.

  • If baking in a muffin tin, try topping Cinnamon Rolls pucks with streusel topping or make sticky buns by adding nuts, sugar and butter to the muffin tin before adding the frozen puck.

  • For a personalized pastry look, line a muffin tin with paper cupcake liners and place frozen Cinnamon Rolls inside to bake.

  • Bake in a cake pan and merchandise as a Cinnamon Roll Cake on a cake stand, serve wedges with a cup of coffee.

  • If you run out of Vanilla Icing its easy to make more! Whisk 2 cups of confectioners’ sugar, ½ cup of milk and 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract in a bowl until all lumps disappear. A mixer is recommended.

  • Our Vanilla Icing is shelf stable, for best results keep in a foodservice squeeze bottle at room temperature.




Sticky Buns

  • Keep Sticky Buns warm on a cookie warmer and serve with coffee from the coffee kiosk.

  • Merchandise as grab and go breakfast items in the self-serve bakery case.

  • To make smaller Sticky Buns (2.5 oz), thaw cinnamon rolls pucks for 15-20 minutes on a parchment lined sheet tray. Then cut in half horizontally and use half as much Sticky Topping Mix in each muffin tin well. You will yield 96 buns per case with this method.




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